This week I was reminded that we all need to work on self love. We can’t truly extend love to others until we learn to love ourselves. Sometimes that means accepting ourselves the way we are with love and compassion, and other times that means working to develop in the areas we desire to become […]

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I know what you’re thinking; “Are you really spending an entire Mindful Monday telling me to ‘just breathe’?” Yup! I am. But stick with me, because I had the same thoughts. I was reflecting on what my absolute key tools are for my mindfulness practice as the place to start to help you build a […]

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This year has brought many changes, challenges, & opportunities for growth to Nourish My Soul – and each of us as individuals as well.We have taken our time to stop and listen to our community and search for the ways that Nourish My Soul can best creatively meet those expressed needs. Over and over again […]

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