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Category Archives: Food

Maybe some of you have heard that the new 2015- 2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines have been released, if not NPR did a great job of summarizing the changes last week and I encourage you to listen or read about it. I am happy to see they finally dropped the very low recommendations for dietary cholesterol, […]

This time of year always invokes reflection and goal setting as we wrap up another year and look optimistically ahead to the new year for a fresh start, to do better, and reach higher. As a Nutritionist, this time of year brings long days full of appointments. As cliche as it may be, my calendar […]

There is an energy in the room, a nervous tension you can almost see. Children take a seat, wondering who will end up sitting next to them. They look at me, many times afraid to talk any louder than a whisper, a voice filled with anxiety over what to expect in the next couple hours. As […]

  Take a moment, close your eyes, and envision the ultimate food shopping experience. Put aside the nagging thoughts of “not enough time and money” and just daydream about the ultimate atmosphere, smells, sights, colors, and sounds……(Don’t just keep reading, really take a minute to do this before continuing)……       Hold onto that […]

You can’t have a conversation about food these days without the hot topic of GMO’s popping up. I have yet to have a conversation with anyone that does not agree that foods should be labeled to allow the consumer to decide what is best for them and their family. I have friends and family that […]

  My original intention was to write about all my experiences visiting my local farmers markets; the entertainment, the farmers I met, the vast variety of food offered, and the people I met shopping…But once I set out to do this, I was struck by how few fellow shoppers were present. My first stop was Simsbury […]

“I am disgusted with myself” “Sarah” came into my office for her first appointment full of frustration as she continues to gain weight despite her best efforts to move the scale in the other direction. Sarah disclosed the numerous dietary changes as well as the addition of a new exercise routine, which she faithfully gets up […]