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Nourish My Soul

Ugghhhh…In just a few days it will be back into the darkness as we turn our clocks back…. Who thought this was a good idea? And WHY are we still participating in it? Honestly, dealing with time change is miserable. I know everyone always gets excited about “gaining” an hour of sleep, but really it […]

Hard to believe October is almost over – this is our last Mindful Monday of October which means we are moving into Holiday season. Holiday season brings so much stress normally and this year will be amplified. We have just a couple weeks to establish a strong habit that will help keep us healthy and […]

Welcome back to another Mindful Monday! I recently received an email asking me how I seem to stay so optimistic when life is falling apart around us and it made me stop and reflect about what it is that allows me to smile in the hardest of times, which is being tested for all of […]

This Radicle Thursday, our From The Ground UP alumni, Bella and Kenya, are talking to Jalyn Brown; the founder of Education Unlimited, Inc. What an inspiring conversation about how we can each make a difference in our communities when we feel something isn’t right. Age doesn’t matter. Each of us has the power to do […]

Fall has arrived – sweaters, pumpkins, colorful leaves, and FALL PLANTING! I know, many of you are thinking that is ridiculous, planting happens in the spring. But trust me, lots of planting happens in the Fall and will yield great results to get you energized in the Spring (and maybe even provide you with some […]

Hello friends! Talk to me, how are you connecting these days? Is it fulfilling? Meaningful connections are so vital to the human existence, as a matter of fact, the absence of connection is proven to be more deadly than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! I don’t need to remind you how deadly smoking […]

It is Mindful Monday again and I am excited to share with you a fantastic tool for helping you stay grounded when feeling anxious, panicked, or overwhelmed – Take 5! This powerful grounding technique uses all 5 of your senses to keep you present in your body in any current moment. Because it forces you […]

This week we launched our Fall session of in person classes for both Jr Chef and Growing Healthy Kids. While the learning around the recipes was different, both classes made Gluten Free Apple Pie Crepes; because who doesn’t love apple pie and crepes? It IS apple season! This recipe is great for both a luxurious […]